Combos of Veg Seekh, Cheese Fingers & Bombay Masala Gravy

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Veh Seekh Kebab Ingredients: bengal gram (chana), soya granules, onion, sunflower oil, garlic, starch, fresh green coriander leaves, ginger, fine wheat flour, spices & condiments, salt, fresh green chilli.

Cheese Finger Ingredients – potato, cheese, breadcrumbs, fine wheat flour, sunflower oil, carrot, starch, capsicum, salt, spices and condiments. Contains added flavour (cheese flavour)

Bombay Masala Ingredients – Onion, Tomato, Water, Sunflower Oil, Spices & Condiments, Coconut, Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Green Chilli.

Product Description

In India, a skewer is called a seekh and these kebabs have been shaped around skewers, ready to be fried. The rich, yet nutty taste of Bengal gram is blended with soybean granules into a smooth puree. Onions and Garlic play their indispensable role of heightening the taste and texture. A careful combination of herbs and spices brings out the exotic nature of the recipe, yet is subtly enticing. In the royal Mughal kitchens of yore, you would find skewers with these succulent kebabs placed on glowing embers, and just a whiff of their aroma would make your mouth water. Order this for another royal experience.

Add a savory, crispy starter to any buffet meal with the cheesy cheese fingers. Mouth watering finger food, cheese fingers are appealing and tasteful. Enjoy the cheese Fingers with sauce or chutney.

An authentic Maharashtrian gravy, it serves as a great base for mixed vegetables, chicken and paneer. Its aromatic and slightly fiery to taste. It is a mixture of dry spices with dry chilies and dry coconut among other spices & herbs. Served best with Indian bread or rice.


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