Combo of Cheese Fingers, Chilli Cheese Corn Nuggets, Khasta Kebab and Hara Bara Kebab

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The Combo Includes –
Cheese Fingers 450g – 1 Packet
Chilli Cheese Corn Nuggets 450g – 1 Packet
Khasta Kebab 400g – 1 Packets
Hara Bara Kebab 400g – 1 Packet

Cheese fingers Ingredients: potato, cheese, breadcrumbs, fine wheat flour, sunflower oil, carrot, starch, capsicum, salt, spices and condiments. Contains added flavour (cheese flavour)

Chilli Cheese Corn Nuggets Ingredients: potato, cheese, fine wheat flour, cut american corn, breadcrumbs, sunflower oil, chilli, starch, salt, spices and condiments. Contains added flavour (cheese flavour)

Khasta Kebab Ingredients: peas, potato, onion, sunflower oil, starch, garlic, ginger, green coriander leaves, green chilli, spices and condiments, salt.

Hara Bara Kebab Ingredients: chick peas, spinach, peanuts, sunflower oil, garlic, starch, ginger, fine wheat flour, potato, green chilli, salt, spices and condiments.

Cheese Fingers: Add a savory, crispy starter to any buffet meal with the cheesy cheese fingers. Mouth watering finger food, cheese fingers are appealing and tasteful. Enjoy the cheese Fingers with sauce or chutney

Chilli Cheese Corn Nuggets: The creamy texture and subtle taste of corn kernels and Cheese finds an ideal companion in the crunchy, spicy feel of fresh Red Paprika. The aroma of grated ginger lingers in each bite, as you enjoy the crisp exterior and melting smooth interior of this fried snack. Indian homemakers are frequently asked to whip up tongue-tickling snacks for hungry families. They pick up ingredients easily available, and with their colourful palette of spices to choose from, they create memorable culinary delights.

Khasta Kebab: A closely guarded secret of royal kitchens is now yours to savour. Succulent kebabs made from peas, fresh green chillies and a tantalising blend of herbs and spices. Relish the sensual touch of nutmeg and mace while the dry mango powder grings in a dash of tongue-tickling sourness. You will be amazed how the humble pea has been transformed into a gourmet delicacy.

Hara Bara Kebab: Hara Bara is the Indian name for emeralds or the colour green. These cutlets are all green inside – packed with spinach with the added superb texture of chick peas. Exotic spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cloves make them extra special, extra delicious. A hint of ginger, a sparkle of red chillies and your Indian experience is complete.


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