Sabudana Tikki | 450gm | Vrat Special

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Ingredients: potato, sago (caryoto urens), sunflower oil, fresh green coriander leaves, ginger, fresh green chilli, peanuts, rock salt, roasted cumin, black pepper.

Vrat Special: Contains rock salt; no onion and garlic

Size : 450gm

Product Description

Surprise your palate with the inimitable taste and texture of these dumplings, where the familiar potato is turned into a mouth watering concoction, with the addition of sago pearls, fresh green chillies, coriander leaves and select spices. Shaped into bite-sized dumplings, ready to fry, these Moti Kababs will entice you to come back for more. Cooked using rock salt, they’re perfect for fasting.

Size : 450gm

Nutritional Information

Energy              180 Kcal
Protein              3g
Carbohy drate    30g
Of which sugar   0g
Fat                    5gm

100% Vegetarian Product 

No preservatives/No chemicals 

Instructions to Use/How to make

Can be deep fried, pan fried, air fried and oven baked.

1. Deep Fry – Preheat oil to 170 Degree Celcius. Fry the product for 3 minutes or until crispy brown. Drain and serve hot.

2. Oven Bake – Preheat oven to 220 degrees celcius. Arrange the product in a single layer on a baking tray. Bake for 10 minutes or until crispy brown. Serve hot.

Shelf Life of the product

12 Months from packing

2 reviews for Sabudana Tikki | 450gm | Vrat Special

  1. Nikhil Sachdeva

    Handi is an amazing snacking option. Classic crunchy, tasty , mouth watering veg Shammi Kabab !! Cheese balls. Sabutdana tikki. Class apart !!

  2. Tanisha Chawla

    Super quick to make… Loved the saboodana tikki… I sandwiched it in bread… Will definitely keep ordering all veg snacks from Handi…

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